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Plate glasses

  • Anti-UV sunglasses
  • Anti-UV sunglasses
  • Anti-UV sunglasses
  • Anti-UV sunglasses
Anti-UV sunglassesAnti-UV sunglassesAnti-UV sunglassesAnti-UV sunglasses

Anti-UV sunglasses

  • Material: PC
  • Gender: unisex
  • Lens:rasin
  • Style: Anti-UV light lens
  • Product description: Anti-UV sunglasses
Whether driving, going for a walk, traveling or relaxing at the beach, the glasses are the perfect choice to protect your eyes from the bright sun. These glasses will complement your face nicely, movie star inspired. Mod vintage timeless style. Comfortable fit, they will stay in place. Lovely oversize sunglasses, perfect as a year round accessory. Whether going to the beach or the snow, these glasses will protect your precious eyes. Feel confident and glamorous day and night on these glasses!


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